The Project aims to rejuvenate the biodiversity of the Yamuna River Basin and to create awareness about economical and sustainable bridges that can be made from Bamboo in place of steel bridges to solve the connectivity problem of villages.

The structure of the bridge is based on the ‘Arched Truss’ system and was assembled in 20 days. The bridge is 15m long and 3m wide and has a height of 3m from the platform level. The bridge is designed to handle a maximum load of 400 kg/m2, in accordance with legal the provisions. The deck of the bridge is made with hollow and solid bamboos of 2” to 2.5” diameter and the railing is made of bamboos having a diameter of 1.5” to 2”. Corrugated bamboo mat has been used for the roofing. The end points of the truss are bolted to 16mm MS plate grouted to the end supports and wooden brackets have been provided at every 10’ to support the 2” deck and the roof.

The gazebo covers a total area of 100 sq. ft. and rises to a height of 9’ from the finished floor level. Bamboo tiles, which were subjected to hot and cold treatment, have been used for roofing and were fixed with interlocking joints. No nails have been used for the roofing. The flooring is done with cement and stone.

In this project, the first public toilet in bamboo was constructed. It covers a total area of 426 ft2. The flooring is cement finished.

DDA, Biodiversity Foundation and University of Delhi
Biodiversity Park near Yamuna River, New Delhi, India
Aditi Constructions
Tor Steel Foundation