This project is an effort to revitalize the traditions of buildings with Bamboo in the contemporary context. Bamboo construction technique is most suitable for prefabrication, either like trusses, frames, columns, wall panels and beams, or as fully prefabricated units, which can be easily transported. In a country, which recognizes Bamboo only as a fishing cane, we designed the house in such a way that every component could be manufactured separately and assembled as a whole on site.

This project was manufactured in India and constructed in Rome. It was the second ever bamboo structure of its kind to be erected in Rome. It is a starting point prototype in order to establish a chain production of pre-fabricated bamboo houses. The challenges in the project were mostly to make it cost-effective and be functional in the short space available.

The doors, windows and lintels are of Honne wood which is a plantation timber. Decking is of laminated pine and chestnut which is locally available in Rome. Rain water harvesting system is incorporated. Natural Organic sewage treatment is done by providing twin pits in place of septic tank. The residence is naturally ventilated with a window / floor ratio between 40% and 100%. Thermal insulation of Building envelope is done by special walling system with sandwiched insulation for thermal Storage. Solar systems PV and BIPV are installed.

Rome, Italy
Lino Lunardi
Total Area:
47 m2/ 506 ft2
Aditi Constructions