This project proposal is focussed on healing the wetland of the site (which probably is part of the Madivalalake) and proposing an Architecture which is Majestic to be fitting the 100 glorious Years of KSRP. At the same time the building sits very softly on the site, using all the five elements of Nature—Air, Earth, Water, Fire(Sun), and space .
Material of Construction Details-Stabilised mud construction with waste from different projects sites of Police Housing Corporation to be the main construction material for the project.

CRPF, Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation LTD, CRPF
Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Total Area:
3,855 m2 / 41,502 ft2
Site Area:
21298 Sqm
Built-up Area:
3855 Sqm