Organic design solution – Rising from the site issues, function of the building and the culture.

  • A non-invasive design – like music. Building to embody the character of music- “Filling up the reuses” – to filling up the space in the site.
  • Ecologically stepping as lightly as possible- Building not in the park of the park (Site).
  • The spaces in the building built around all the site features- spaces wrap around the fully grown existing trees grouped in courts- Filling up with activities around them.
  • All the visitor areas with transparent boundaries to experience the continuity of the park inside the building as well. Dissolving the boundary between the building and landscape. The building becomes a pavilion in the park- Historical context of vemres for folk music.
  • Re-establish and enhance the ecology of the park through internal landscaped courts and sky parks at various levels.
Budapest, Hungary