The primary purpose of the project is to develop a novel vocabulary of architecture that can be a prototype beacon for future practice norms, a new paradigm of architecture, pedagogical approach, R & D etc. and also raise questions about the purpose of the profession itself, like
•Whom do we serve?
•Why do we serve?
•How do we serve?
•Who are we as architects?

The answers to these questions would give us the clarity of the intent of Architecture as a profession and to redefine our role as Architects – for society, for the environment and our future as professionals to remain relevant in the coming turbulent times. Now, we cannot replace the whole city to better the circumstances suddenly, not even retrofit, but we can definitely build Prototypes, one at a time as an Integrated Building System as Micro urban eco-systemsthat will provide the Proof of Concept and a source of inspiration for others to follow organically.

We approached the project from three important angles: the sustainability buzz, the role of architecture professionals and bangalore as a metropolis.

Bangalore, India.
Site Area:
2 Acres