The Aquair Tower makes use of the ocean’s water mass, to become a buoyant and balanced structure that creates electrical power from both the wind and marine currents, combining 2 in 1, with a positive effect on the environment.

AQUA, the bottom part of the unit, obtains power from the kinetic energy contained in marine currents, such as the Gulf Stream. Although not widely used at this point in time, the potential of electric power generation from marine tidal currents is enormous. Compared to other sources of renewable energy, factors such as the predictability, make it very appealing.

AIR, the portion of the tower above the sea level is composed of an array of wind turbines. The use of air flow through wind turbines to produce electricity dates from the 19th century and is one of the most widely used sources of renewable energy. Countries like Denmark generate 40% of its electrical power from wind and weather forecast has made this kind of energy more predictable.