Vishnudham Temple

Client: Department of Religious and Charitable Endowment, Govt. of Bihar.

Location: Barbigha, Shekhpura, Bihar, India.

Site Area: 23 acres (17 acres of lake) / 9.3 hectares

Built-up area:1000 m2 / 10,763 ft2

The design of the temple is an amalgamation of the Dravidian Style of temple Architecture, based on the Vaastu-Shastra - the most ancient treatise on architecture in the world, and the rich Magadh architectural Style of the Mauryan Dynasty. This temple is divided into three spaces – ‘Garbhagriha’, ‘Mandapa’ and ‘Ardha-Mandapa’ which is bridged by the corridor to the main pathway. The main gate – ‘Gopura’ and the ‘Vimana’ over the sanctum sanctorum are inspired by the famous Tirupati temple. The pathway surrounding the lake enables one to view the temple from all sides in its full splendour. The surrounding development is an important part of the projects. Landscapeand various complementary amenities will be provided.

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