Bamboo House at Rajahmundri

Client: Department of Forest, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Location: Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India

Contractor: KARNIK, Bangalore

Total area: 23 m2 / 247 ft2

Completion Date: 2004

A prototype for mass housing developed for the dwellers of Forest Department. By using bamboo and other natural materials for mass housing, one can achieve development and environmental goals.

The house is designed with 4" bamboo columns along with 150mm thick bamboo-crete walls finished with white wash. The doors and windows are of Jungle wood frame with BMB and glazing for the Shutters. The roof is BMCS fixed on 2” Bamboo battens, 3” dia. Bamboo rafters and 4”dia Bamboo pole beams, pyramidal tree like roofing. Flooring is finished with Red Oxide Flooring.

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