Meta Slum - eVolo Skyscraper 2018

Bengaluru, being the fifth largest metropolis in India, still has a significant part of its population living in slums. The action being taken by the government in India has been certainly important in raising the poorer’s quality of life. However, many aspects related to the slum dwellers’ way of life have not been looked upon.

As a solution to upgrade a slum, the peculiarity of each family should be translated in their new home. Some would like to carry animals or grow vegetables; some would love to have their walls painted with their traditional patterns; others would like to transform or increase their house to welcome the newborn, etc.

Solution - Meta, from Greek, means beyond. The Meta Slum is a response that provides a better infrastructure for the jhuggi inhabitants, respecting their origins. They would be even included in the construction of the building, according to their skills, augmenting the feeling of property. The project thinks beyond giving people a home, it carries their lifestyle and predicts the future, allowing incremental modifications and urban expansion. Commercial interaction, colours and traditional materials are essential prerogatives of the project.

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