Pavilion at ITC Factory

Client:ITC Limited

Area:500 sq. ft.

This is a space frame of bamboo, which is as a pavilion on the top of a 20m high mound made of debris from a 100 Crore ITC factory to ward off Vastu problems. Since, it was filled up earth and had been given only 2 years of settling time a light bamboo structure was considered the most appropriate solution.

The lower end of the helix rests on the ground and the higher end rests on a composite bamboo column of MS and whole round bamboos. All the bamboo culms have been treated according to the usage they have been put to. Treated bamboo mats wrap the structure with a bamboo slivers under frame for stiffness. This has been tied to 12mm MS rods welded to the MS helix and covered by 25mm dia bamboo culms. This project was also executed by Mr.Gurudayal Saran of Aditi Constructions and Prof. H.N. Jagadishof IPIRTI helped us with the structural details. Three batched of carpenters have run away during execution!

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