India Pavilion, World Bamboo Workshop

Location: Imphal, Manipur.

India pavilion is an abstract depiction, emphasizing on the transitional stages of the leaf (people). The leaf (people) even after losing connection with the plant (nature) is playing a part in the ecosystem, trying hard to stay alive and rethink on the lost connect before it decomposes and becomes part of the earth.

Something that we as humans also should follow through the course of our lifetime and make use of every opportunity those strikes us.

The India pavilion depicts this emotion of nature, using bamboo as a skeletal material and emphasizing on cutting-edge technology like concrete cloth for the cover. The structure would be a double curve cantilever for about 7m following the principles from the same leaf. Further to finish the structure, we would have cement slurry to form a Bamboo Reinforced shell Structure.

This structure was part of the World Bamboo Workshop hosted in Imphal, Manipur and was funded by National Bamboo Mission of India.

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