Environment Beacon - eVolo Skyscraper 2018

The rate at which humans are harming the environment is not compatible with Earth’s capacity of regenerating itself. Although ecological education is nowadays widely spread throughout the developed world, the actual measures taken to preserve the planet have a limited effect.

It is safe to say that even most of the educated people, still do not take global warming seriously.

The proposal is to create a hologram skyscraper with a huge presence in the city where it is located. This beacon would represent how destructive or friendly, the city performance is among several parameters and on a whole – an Impetus to step up efforts towards mitigation of global warming.

The biggest problem in our society is that people don’t objectively see the harm they do to their daily life. Once we get rid of the garbage that we produce in our houses, we stop seeing it. “Out of sight, out of mind” is an expression that, unfortunately applies to a lot of us.

On the hologram, different parameters are evaluated such as air quality, water, noise levels, conservation of natural habitats, urban green cover, waste, transportation, etc. The Beacon aims to be the most clear and intuitive possible. The colour code would go like:

Blue – Very Good; Green – Good; Yellow – Average; Orange – Bad; Red – Severe

As the shape of the beacon is a plane, this will slowly rotate 360º so it is visible from all the directions.

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