Avilala Ecological Park

Client: Andhra Pradesh UG&BC

Location: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India

Principal Architects: Ravikumar Associates

Consultant Architects for all structures: Manasaram Architects

Total Area: 150 acres / 60 hectares

Built-up area: approx. 11,150 m2 /120,000 ft2

Once the place of a natural water body now deceased, this huge land is being part of an ecological reconstruction. As one of the most experienced practices with bamboo in India, MA and CGBMT were invited to provide the design for the bamboo structures in cooperation with Ravikumar Associates.

This development will revive 150 acres of land which will be punctuated with several iconic structures made with bamboo. With around 1,50,000 ft2 of bamboo amenities, this shall become a definitive proof that bamboo can be used for larger scale structures. A Research Centre with the shape of lotus petals held in place by the help of tension cables, a 150ft tall Observation Tower, and a Skywalk of more than a kilometre long. All these structures have bamboo as their main structural material and will prove its potential at a larger scale.

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