E5 AditiGreenscapes

Client: Preeti Developers, Bangalore

Location: Aditi Greenscapes, Bangalore, India.

Contractor: Preeti Constructions, Bangalore.

Consultant: SEMAC, Godrej, KSCST.

Site Area: 4.15 Acres / 1.6 Hectares (Site)

Built-up area: 13,190 m2 / 1,42,000 ft2

Aditi is a Sanskrit word for “abundance” and creative power. It is the name of one of the most ancient goddesses – the mother of all gods on earth, and is related to the terms “Beginning”.

This project aims to create a living community by providing the residents with quality spaces that are nowadays rare, in the urban India.

Following the premise that a city should be a park in itself, the development contains a central green area with amenities such as basketball and badminton courts, a playground, water bodies and an amphitheatre to strengthen the sense of community. The tree and plant species are adapted to the climate and were chosen to enhance the local biodiversity. The condominium will possess a club house, swimming pool and community centre.

Both the villas and the apartments block were designed in order to supply plenty of sunlight and ventilation the each individual unit. The materials used are found on site, (such as the mud blocks for the walls) or available locally (bamboo, wood and stone, etc). The residents will be given the freedom to design their villa terraces, and the apartment dwellers have an exclusive entrance garden, along with double height terrace garden.

Rainwater is stored, treated and later used for flushing and landscape irrigation. The compound’s target is to be grid-free. All houses will have photovoltaic panels for energy production and water heating.

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