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Bamboo Symphony

House of Five Elements

Creche for Dayalbagh University

Cocoon for KrishiVigyan Kendra

Aditigreenscapes Apartments, Bangalore.

Yamuna Biodiversity Park


Pre-fabricated Bamboo House for Mr.Lunardi

Avilala Ecological Park

Vishnudham Temple

Bamboo Museum

Dayalbagh Bamboo Centre

CGBMT Headquarters

Gazebo at Lady Hydari Park

Guest House at Rajbhavan

Rajaborari Bamboo Centre

Visitor’s Centre at Ward’s Lake

Terrace at Punarvasu

Bridges at VasantVihar

Residence for Mrs.Lasika Reddy

Bamboo House at Rajahmundri

Earth House

Residence for Mrs.Lahiri

Guest House for ICT, DEI

Residence for Mr.Sriram

Farmhouse for Mrs.Kenchamma

Residence at IPIRTI

Prototype Bamboo House for Tsunami Victims

Lidkar Housing

Tejpunj Apartments

Channapatna Housing

Hospital at Ilkal

Hospital at Chincholi

Hospital at Shimoga

Hospital at Sorapur

Hospital at Kompaly

Bamboo Symphony

NavodayaVidyalaya Residential School

Earth Centre

Exhibition Hall

Workshop for CGBMT

Prayag Children’s Creative School

Cafeteria at Ranal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Pantry, VIP Toilet and Landscape at Rajbhavan

State Level Energy Park

Security Office

House of Five Elements

Guest House for ICT, DEI

Sankey Tank Development

Landscape and Infrastructure development of Cubbon Park and VidhanSoudha’s Surroundings

Sun City – Five Star Deluxe Hotel

PDPU Cafeteria

Prototype for Metro Station

Landscape at Nandi Hills

UHD Club House

Police Bhavan

House of Hungarian Music

Bioclimatic European School Complex

Manikchand Plaza

Jog Falls Development

Bam Bench – The Bench

Meta Slum - eVolo Skyscraper

Aquair Tower - eVolo Skyscraper

Environment Beacon - eVolo Skyscraper

Singh Dwar, BasantUtsav

NSR Mystic Meadows, Hyderabad

India Pavilion, World Bamboo Workshop

DEI - Conference Hall – 1

DEI - Conference Hall – 2

Workshop building for DEI-ICT

Pegasus HRD Centre Pvt LTD Bangalore Campus

Organic and Millets market & consumer awareness center.

Pavilion at ITC Factory