Product Design

    This dynamic table designed using the principle of Tensigrity combining Bamboo with steel, is a light-weight yet strong and resilient one with a minimalistic sleek look.

    Material used: 2” dia bamboo pieces in combination with 4mm dia stainless steel rods.

    Compressed Mud-bamboo-Paper blocks are a unique alternative to the energy intensive traditional country fired bricks. These blocks are made from waste paper which is wet and compressed using a small man-powered press. These blocks can be used to prepare internal partition walls or panels.

    Material used: Waste paper, mud, bamboo, cement

    This impressive cylindrical luminary is made using natural tubular bamboo pieces. Perforations along the tube allow the light from the bulb to shine through, thereby creating a beautiful yellow glow.

    Materials used: Perforated Bamboo pieces

    Hand crafted from woven bamboo mat boards, these small cubical boxes are ideal for storing any kind of jewelry or knick-knacks lying around in the house or office. With a caramel finish, these bamboo boxes are sure to complement any home/office decor style, packaging for Tea and coffee.

    Materials used: 12mm thick bamboo mat board

    This elegant and eco-friendly table is built with bamboo shoots crisscrossed to make it sturdy. This side table is generously sized for a variety of uses.

    Materials used: Glass, 2” and 3” dia bamboo

    In this day and age, furniture should be as sustainable as it is beautiful. The Bamboo Table combines these two concepts wonderfully. The table is created from several 4” dia bamboos crisscrossed and tied with a thread bolt. The table top can be made from either glass, or bamboo, depending on preference; either will create a simple, modern centerpiece.

    Materials used: 4” dia bamboo, glass, thread bolt

    With a sustainable, economical, and earth-friendly approach for the preservation of the environmental balance and our ecological future, these Eco bollards has been designed & made by using a combination of waste pet bottles and bamboo.

    Material used: 3” dia bamboo, waste transparent plastic bottle and LED light fixture

    This simple, handmade bamboo pen stand is a great accessory to add to your work desk. Keep all your knick-knacks organized while adding touch of ethnic chic to your desk.

    Material used: 3” dia bamboo

    Made from BMB boards with the age-old bamboo weaving technique to create mats and then compressed to give strength, these Bamboo coasters give a rustic feel to your dining table.