Three women pioneering Eco-friendly architecture in India.

Date - February 06, 2018

Organization: palmexindia.com, India. 

Ar Neelam Manjunath believes that “a building is a living entity”.

For over 30 years, she has been committed to fighting climate change, and strongly advocates the use of naturally abundant, renewable, low-energy, local materials. Her pioneering work with bamboo as a material has earned her many accolades.

Ar. Manjunath who uses this bamboo to construct walls, beams, columns, doors, windows, boundary walls and even furniture, believes that the use of this hardy grass helps bring down the cost of a project by more than 40%. While she has created a prototype of a bamboo house for tsunami victims, farmhouses and the like, one of her most well-known works is a zero-energy home, House of Five Elements, in Bangalore. With three skylights, an open courtyard, water bodies, terraces, balconies and verandahs that invite nature inside, the home is a testament to the fact that a sustainable low-cost building can also look as stylish as any other.

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