Welcome to Manasaram Architects

We, at Manasaram are committed to fight back climate change by promoting the use of naturally abundant, easily renewable ,low energy , local materials.

We have close to 30 years of experience in the field of Sustainable Development. Working with natural materials in itself has been an eye opener and put us on the path back to our roots. Using what is freely available on the site, i.e, Sun, Soil, Air, Water and Space ,and materials that are within our short reach are the determining factors in our designs. Creativity is a mere result of this challenge. Our designs take birth, grow and mature on the site.

Through our design, we initiate the building into the ecosystem at micro and macro level. We strive towards making the building a living entity , responding and growing like any other living being ,from dawn to dusk, from spring to summer, from rains to chilly winters ! When this goal is met, even to a small extent, the built structure becomes a thread in the web of all life, one with nature, nature itself!

Ongoing Projects



No 7, Aditi Green Scapes,
No. 20, Venkateshpura Sampigehalli Road,
Dr. Shiva Ram Karanth Nagar,
2nd Stage 77, Near Amruthahalli Railway Gate,
Sri Venkateshpura Layout, Sampigehalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077